Over the past six months many Canadians have been asking themselves “are the ones I value adequately protected for the future”? Many Canadians have become quite aware of the fragility of our current existence, and how they would protect their loved ones if they passed away.

Many employees may have some life insurance coverage in their company’s benefits package, and it’s always good to check the amount of the coverage you will receive for your loved ones and dependents. Nobody knows about when the pandemic may end, or if there will be a second, deadlier wave. These events may lead to an increase of premiums going into the future, resulting in coverage to become increasingly expensive.

Term Life Insurance will provide you peace of mind today that your family will be protected for years to come.

The great news is currently Term Life Insurance is considered to be a cheap, affordable, way to protect yourself and your loved ones. The quoting is fast and easy, with a couple questions needing to be answered to receive an accurate, timely quote. Your own individual insurance is more flexible and typically more cost-effective than bank or consumer insurance.

Talk to an Advisor or Insurance Specialist about what type of life insurance best suits your needs; including the term and coverage amount.

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