Beautiful British Columbia, and especially Vancouver Island, is high on many international travelers must see lists. Blessed with a patio-friendly climate and a plethora of great restaurants, it is no surprise the island has given rise to a thriving craft beer industry. Our team at Integrated Benefit Solutions is proud to promote the health and wellness of the people who provide unforgettable experiences via tasty food and refreshing drinks in good company.

We work together with owners like you to customize a benefits program uniquely suited to your needs and budget; one that will grow and evolve with you, and your ever changing business needs. Based on our experience, we know that a well-designed and flexible health and dental benefits plan can help to boost your business and employee health, productivity, morale and appreciation. This program can also focus on financial wellness with a tax-efficient Group RRSP

Together we can create the right employee benefits program to attract and retain high quality employees. And if you already have a plan, we are happy to review it and share potential plan design improvements and cost containment strategies to get more value from your plan. Connect with us today through our live chat, email, or feel free to fill out the form below and one of our dedicated team members will reach out to you shortly

If you own a Brewing Co., learn more about our exciting outreach program.

If you own a Restaurant, learn more about access to association benefits and other advantages available through membership in the Top Shelf Hospitality Group.