We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. Our team wanted to check in to offer help and support to bridge to better times. We care about your health and wellness and know that you are looking for ways to assist  yourself, your family, friends and employees if a business owner. It’s inspiring to see our community rallying around each other and we are working hard to do our part by staying abreast of solutions offered by our Government and all of our providers.


Here is some information we thought it was urgent to share today and as always, we are an email or phone call away.

Just announced – the Canada Emergency Response Benefit replaces the benefits previously announced for EI and non EI eligible workers whose income drops to zero due to the pandemic.


“Companies don’t need to separate their employee from their company. They just need to say, ‘we can’t pay you during this time period.’ And when that happens, there is a direct wage subsidy to people, to employees so that they can actually live their lives.”. So if you are a business owner, are self-employed, or an employee looking at temporary layoffs or work stoppages between March 15 to Oct 3rd, as of April 6th you may be eligible for  up to $2,000 per month for up to four months:



Let’s all keep healthcare going while we need it the most.

If you offer a benefit plan you have already ensured it’s active till March 31st and we can discuss options for April 1 going forward  with you. Benefit providers are working with us and their clients to maintain affordable coverage during these temporary conditions. Here are some solutions to consider:

  • Virtual healthcare is a great way to connect with a Doctor while self isolating. There are free services and more enhanced versions with 24/7 availability for a very modest fee available for employee groups or individuals
  • Employee Assistance Programs including confidential counselling for stress and anxiety are on many benefit plans. If you don’t have access this is available and we can help.
  • For those without benefits, there are affordable individual options to have that vital healthcare coverage and other benefits like dental or even Long-term Disability if of interest
  • Employers can update their plans to offer the most vital coverage while saving on premiums


Building your own personal and family safety net:

  • Individual insurance you own and control to protect what’s most important is an option whether or not you have a benefit plan. This is true of Life Insurance as well as living benefits of Critical Illness and Disability including for Business Owners, Business Continuation coverage. There are guaranteed plans that don’t require medical testing. If this interests you or someone you know we can help with a phone assessment and non face to face application options.
  • For those of you with insurance worried about premiums during these times, we are working with insurers on temporary premium assistance measures and should have those answers very shortly. Please touch base if this is a concern, we are here to help.


We are here to help, please reach out to us anytime and Stay Positive & Stay Active & Stay Safe!  Your Team at Integrated Benefit Solutions & Cooper Financial